Why my unique ID will be existed?

The ID number is consistent, some customers do not use their ID number correctly, but use others by mistake, then you might be the one whose unique ID already existed. Plesae tell us the ID numbers,We will reset the ID on the server.

How to retrieve my account, if I lost the account name and password?

You only need to offer us the ID number, then we can locate your device. After the data being cleared, then you can create another new account.

Why the error range of GSM base station locating up to hundreds of meters?

GPS locating is a way of satellite positioning, so it is quite accurate. But GSM locating is based on base station, its accuracy depends on the signal strength received by the transmitter, where has the better signal, then it location will be provided. So the error range can be big.

Why the watch can't connect to the internet?

  1. Please make sure SIM card support "GSM" and installed ok,the GPRS works fine.
  2. Make sure you choose the right server,If not,It can't connect to server.Please contact us to modify it.
  3. If it still don't works,That's the APN Iissue,Contact us to solve it.
  4. Before contact us, Please edit the message commander on your phone and send it to the watch,”pw,123456,ts#”, then contact info@watchntrac.se, we need the message returned to solve the problem.

It possible to use the Watch/Tracker without a SIM card?

No, the GPS Watch/Tracker can only work with an installed (also works with prepaid cards) SIM card without PIN code on from the operator that supports GSM. SIM card must support voice / SMS / surf. If you use a prepaid SIM you must then recharge the SIM card regularly with data and speech in order for all functions to work.

What does it cost to use the Watch/Tracker?

In addition to the purchase of the GPS Watch/Tracker it is only the actual data and calls you pay for, ie you can control the use yourself. If you have prepaid card you decide for yourself what amount you charge your SIM card with, but the minimum value of such subscription is usually around 50 SEK. How long that amount lasts for is very individual because it depends on how much data (how often ask positioning) and calls the user uses.

Do you have to use a specific operator?

No, you are obviously not bound to any specific operator, but we recommend any of the big operators because they offer the best coverage and a stable 2G / GSM network. If you wish to use another operator, make sure first that they have coverage against a 2G / GSM networks. 

Is the Watches/Trackers waterproof?

Some of the Watches/Trackers are water resistant, ie it withstands exposure to wet environments and the most important thing is that the doors of the USB charging and the SIM card is properly closed. To allow the device to be completely immersed in water is not recommended, although it cope with these conditions, if you by accident dropping it in water.

Is the app SeTracker available in Swedish?

Yes, but because the translation can be experienced somewhat strange some times, we recommend to choose the English version.

Can you have multiple Watches/Trackers linked to the same account?

Yes absolutely. You can connect as many as you want. However, there can be only one user each Watch/Tracker can be linked to, ie when you created your account in SeTracker app, you need to supply the ID number, when you provide this ID No. it's consumed. However, you can use the same account information on multiple mobile devices and so more people can follow the same watches/trackers.

How long standby time has the Watches/Trackers?

The standby time varies between models, see specification on product pages, and depending on the voice usage, and varies between 3-7 days. Technically, you can affect the standby time by adjusting the positioning frequency in the SeTracker app, so that the app updates the position more or less often. This will then saves both the battery but also the data consumption (you do not then need to load money on the SIM card as often). You can set the positioning frequency to update position every minute, every 10 minutes or every hour.

How reliable is the position in the app?

the Watch/Tracker use the positioning techniques LBS (Location Based Services) and GPS (Global Positioning System) where GPS is the technology that provides the highest precision (0-15m). The Watch/Tracker always try positioning with GPS and will then reproduce the position with a red pin in the app's map. Depending on the position of the satellite relative to the Tracker it may take a couple of minutes before the GPS Tracker can be positioned with GPS and will then use LBS technology for positioning until the GPS signal is established. Positioning by LBS shown with blue pin and have less precision (20-1000m) then GPS, it will be used as a supplement until the GPS signal has been established. For positioning to happen data needs to be used and it is therefore important that there is coverage for data usage via GSM (2G network) on the SIM card.